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EuroStrings creates a hub of international opportunities for emerging guitar players, education and training programs that foster the professional development of guitarists, trends for sustainability of festivals in the field of classical music.
EuroStrings brings together guitarists and their audiences, breaking the barriers and actively participating in the creation of classical guitar experience.

Members of the EuroStrings platform are European Classical Guitar Festivals, holding international guitar competitions, with international reputation and existing professional structure, dedicated to support emerging classical guitar players and establishing a vital European classical guitar scene.

Program supporting emergin young players
EuroStrings - European Guitar Festival Collaborative, a platform co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, contributes to the development of a vibrant and diverse European classical guitar scene.

EuroStrings Artists 2021 
Through the EuroStrings Exchange Programme, young artists are awarded a year-long touring program, focusing on festival visits within Europe, following a carefully curated program called EuroStrings Curriculum. This program involves work with professionals from the field called EuroStrings Ambassadors and other industry specialists in developing geared workshops, teaching, community outreach, chamber and solo appearances. At the end of the year-long program, a big EuroStrings Competition will be organized for them, offering to only one of them the chance to continue the tour globally in the following year. EuroStrings Artists are the staple of EuroStrings excellence and are the future of our instrument.

EuroStrings Artists 2021 in Uppsala 

Álvaro Toscano, Spain
The musical qualities of the classical guitarist Álvaro Toscano has been endorsed by his winning of more than 15 international awards. He is also proud to have won several ‘Audience’ prizes that reflect his immense communication skills as a musician. Álvaro has offered more than 70 recitals throughout Europe. He also offers recitals in unusual venues such as ‘Sofar Sounds’, trying to bring classical music closer to all kinds of public. His 2021 programme, titled ‘The Cosmic Guitar’, comprises music based on ethereal, spatial and natural themes by Frederic Mompou, Antonio Blanco Tejero, Vicente Asencio and Marco Smaili.

Filip Miškovic, Croatia
Although only 19 years old, Filip Miškovic (Croatia) has already been awarded First Prize in more than 40 guitar competitions. Today, he studies at Academy of Music, University of Zagreb, where is now in his second year. As a soloist, Filip has performed a Vivaldi Concerto with ‘I Giovani Solisti’ from the USA, conducted by Emmet Drake, and Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Guitar Concerto with Croatian National Theatre Orchestra in Split, conducted by Gianna Fratta. In 2019, he was given the title ‘Splitski pupoljak’ as a rising star in Split and, in 2020, he received the Rector’s Prize from the University of Zagreb.

Jack Hancher, London

Jack Hancher is an award winning classical guitarist. He completed his Master in Performance at the Royal College of Music (RCM), London in 2018 where he studied with Gary Ryan and Chris Stell and won the RCM Guitar Award 2014 while still in his second year as an undergraduate. Jack made his debut at Wigmore Hall, London, in July 2018, performing his arrangements of Albeniz’s piano music and at the Cheltenham Contemporary Arts Festival with music by Arnold, Britten and Dowland. He has performed in European venues such as the Großer Ehrbar Saal, Vienna and the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, Turin.

Lovro Peretic, Croatia

Lovro Peretic (Croitia) has graduated from the Academy of Music in Zagreb. During the time of his studies, he spent one year in a student exchange programme at L’École Supérieure Musique et Danse Hauts-de-France in Lille. He is a promising guitarist of the younger generation, who has been successful in many national and international competitions.
He has also represented Croatia in many important international music festivals. He has performed as a soloist with the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra, Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, and Zagreb Soloists, among others.

Cristina Galietto, Italy
Cristina Galietto is an Italian classical guitarist, whose guitar playing has taken her to many countries in Europe, where she has given concerts and participated in masterclasses with several wellknown artists. Among the numerous international competitions that she has won, one highlight is the Uppsala International Guitar Festival competition in Sweden, in which she was awarded First Prize in 2020. After completing her studies at the Conservatory of Music ‘San Pietro a Majella’ of Naples and the Conservatory of Music ‘Domenico Cimarosa’ in Avellino, she is currently studying at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst, in Graz. Her new album ”Avant l’Aube”, released at the end of 2020, includes compositions of Joaquín Rodrigo, Domenico Scarlatti and Alexis Rago, all of whom are representative of an intimate, delicate and passionate musical feel – characteristics that stand out in her playing.

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